Writing Challenge Success!

July Novel Writing Month” is over as of midnight last Saturday night. While the result is the lowest word count of any July or November writing month so far, it was far from a failure.

I went into it with 3 outlines. Saturday night, well before the deadline, I finished the first draft of the third novella. Here are the stats of each of the three:

26560 – Night of the Aurora
26374 – Alien Winter
25553 – The Singing Lakes

Talk about close to each other in word count. I’m not sure I could have done that on purpose if I had tried!

Congrats to everyone else who participated, no matter how many words you wrote. 1 word more is a victory. 🙂

More information on the books will come out as “The E-Book Experiment” posts continue. Which, will be later this week!

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Writing Challenge Success!

4 thoughts on “Writing Challenge Success!”

  1. Congrats. That’s a lot of words in not much time. I wish I could have participated but with the kids on holiday…

    • Thanks! Have you thought about November? A lot of people will be participating in that one, including from Holly’s classes. 🙂

    • Thank you. 🙂

      What’s next? Oh, yikes. All sorts of writerly stuff.
      Continuing “The E-Book Experiment” including the writing project associated with it.
      Revising novels and novellas! That’s the downside of writing first drafts so fast: It means I have tons of projects ready and waiting for revision. 😉
      Preparing for “National Novel Writing Month” in November. I not only participate, but I’m also a Municipal Liaison.
      Get the material ready for a plotting workshop I’m giving.



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