The Fate of the “Dreamers Cove” Webcomic

Many years ago I had an inspiration for a funny, family, science fiction adventure. As I had for years dreamed of doing a comic of my own, it turned into a web comic.

The entire story was plotted out, the first few chapters written. Started up the webpage and started publishing it as a webcomic. At first it had a frequency of one a month. As I became more comfortable with the process it moved up to two a month.

All might have been well, but an old injury reared its ugly head. It meant I could not draw for a long period of time. The webcomic went back down to one a month. But even that wasn’t slow enough. Considering how long the story was, doing a page even once every two months, or one a quarter, would result in a story that could not be told in a lifetime.

That was too depressing for words.

I tried all sorts of things. I experimented with black and white, but I didn’t care for the look of it. I pared down the pages to an illustrated story, but by then the injury flared enough that even that was too much art.

Yet, the injury didn’t affect my ability to type!

So, there it is. I have this lovely little story that I still want to finish. It cannot come to fruition through the original vision of a webcomic. But it can be told another way.

I have taken the original story line and realized it comes out perfectly into three books. “Dreamers Cove” will still be told (perhaps under a different title, but the characters will remain the same). This year, for either the July JulNoWriMo or the big November NaNoWriMo, the first book in the trilogy will be written.

And the story lives on.

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The Fate of the "Dreamers Cove" Webcomic

3 thoughts on “The Fate of the “Dreamers Cove” Webcomic”

  1. Aha! I wondered what you were going to do with the story. I had thought perhaps you were using parts of it for other books, as other writers have done with incomplete novels. I couldn’t be too sure, but I thought I saw some similarities between DC and your 2010 2YN. (of course since all I have seen there is the frame work, I could be wrong. )

    I’m sorry we won’t get to see the art to go with it, but I am glad to hear you plan on finishing it. I was enjoying what was up and had been disappointed when I stop by the site and saw it was closed. (I really want to know what is up with those ‘squirrels’.)

    • I love the squirrel.

      No, the story had not been carved up in favor of building other stories, but some themes have leaked over. DC is still very much intact. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!


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