Inkygirl Outline Poll Results Are In!

A while ago Inkygirl posted a poll about whether writers outlined before they started to write. I responded along with 108 other writers, and the results are now in! 48% said they used an outline. 29% said no, and 32% said it’s too complicated for just a yes/no answer.

Hop on over to “Better To Outline Or Not To Outline? Some Survey Responses” to read some of the responses from the survey.

And I’m the second one from the top! How exciting!

:waves at Zette:

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Inkygirl Outline Poll Results Are In!

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  1. Hi, just to let you know, that link doesn’t work if you click it directly from the feed–I guess the HTML is messed up? It wants to send me to a page on your site that of course doesn’t exist. Thanks for posting it though, it looks interesting!


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