How Many Current Projects?

A few weeks ago another writer asked me how many projects I’m currently working on. I had to stop and think. It was way past three, and at that point I can’t remember. Get out the lists!

So, I spent a little time making out a list. Wow, what an eye-opener.

As one of my short stories just made the leap from “Revising” status to “Finished” status, I thought I would put the numbers into here.

1 novel
3 short stories

1 novel
2 short stories
1 Non-fiction Article

First Draft Finished
4 novels

First Draft in Progress

1 novel

Planning Stage
6 novels

Not including the “Finished” category, that makes 15 projects actively being worked on. Yeow, no wonder I couldn’t remember them all! We won’t even mention how long the ‘idea file’ is becoming. The Muse has been hyped up on sugar, throwing out ideas right and left. My head is hurting from being bonked by one too many of them!

I just realized I never said what the second book I wrote for Nano 2009 was. In my defense, November was a really hard month. The answer is: Hyperspace Encounters: (Science Fiction Romance) After her freighter crashed into a sentient ship of an unknown species, a clever widow finds herself neck-deep in the delicate balance between peace and war, and her dead husband’s fate might hold the key.

It came out to a finished rough draft of 84k and turned out better than I expected. The outline for this particular novel was rather skimpy, and some interesting things happened while writing it. As a result, it’s going to need massive revision to carry all the new ideas throughout the book. But it will be a fun revision, too. The characters really came alive, and the universe took a few interesting turns. Plus I got to write a space adventure! In spaceships! So totally cool!

I’ve put it away to rest for a bit while I work on the revision of two other novels.

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How Many Current Projects?

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