Free 2 Year Novel Class at Forward Motion Writers

Over at Forward Motion Writers, Zette, the owner of the site, is offering a class called “Two Year Novel” (2YN). This is a class that takes place over two years that go from the first germ of an idea all the way through the planning to the writing of the first draft, into revision, and then to the point of submitting.

It’s a great class with a lot of great information. There is also a lot of support from the other students. If anyone has an idea lurking around in your head, you might consider taking it. It looks like this may be the last year she will offer it for free.

Create an account at the Forward Motion Writers website and then go to this post and respond to it to be signed up. The first week’s class should start up around January 8th.

Sign-ups close around the second week in January, so hurry!