Surprise! 3 Outlines, NaNoWriMo Starting and what will be book 2?

Nano is coming fast. Wow, is it coming fast! Tomorrow! Eeek!

I looked up from finishing the first draft of “Lost and Found” (first book of the Phoenix Café series), and about swallowed my tonsils. Then the month slipped by with all the Municipal Liaison planning for the Kick-off party.

Okay, that draft is finished (and I love the last line).  The novel I want to write first is obvious. It’s called “Into the Forest Shadows” and is a science fiction take-off of the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale: Grudgingly keeping her promise to always wear a red hood and cape while in the forest of a planet of valuable giant trees, a misfit teen struggles to survive a planetary conspiracy awaiting at Grandmothers house.

But, I know that won’t be enough to keep me busy for the entire month of November. There has to be another one, and that’s where the choices become hard, as they are all calling to me at the same level.

The Storm Aurora: (Science Fiction Adventure) Struggling to avert a planetary disaster on a world of Fairies, Dragons, Merpeople and humans, a disillusioned airship captain stumbles onto an orbiting lost past binding all the species together.

Hyperspace Encounters: (Science Fiction Romance) After her freighter crashed into a sentient ship of an unknown species, a clever widow finds herself neck-deep in the delicate balance between peace and war, and her dead husband’s fate might hold the key.

Hmm, decisions, decisions.

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Surprise! 3 Outlines, NaNoWriMo Starting and what will be book 2?

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