A Novel Before Nano – And A Bout of Exhaustion

Yes, I’m nuts. Trying to finish a novel before Nano starts. In one way that’s a very good thing. Gearing up to Nano means the mind and muse are raring to go at writing. But you can’t start until November 1st. By having another project it satisfies that writing ‘itch’.

The bad part is: For me personally I like to finish one thing before moving on to something else major. Sometimes I can jump around, but usually only with smaller pieces. I CAN jump from planning, to outlining to writing to revising four major projects, but now writing four major projects. I think each of those steps use different parts of the brain.

Anyway, there are now 35 days until Nano starts. The interim novel, for now titled Phoenix Cafe – Book 1, has been going well. Getting in at least a scene or two a night and even more a weekend.

Then the exhaustion hit.

Admittedly, I’ve been having problems with a flare-up of exhaustion since about May. It’s been going on so long that I’m getting depressed about it. Then I read writing blogs from writers, agents and editors.

And get even more depressed.

I barely have the energy to write thanks to this undiagnosed condition (don’t get me started on doctors. THIS IS NOT ALL IN MY HEAD, YOU IDIOTS!), and I’m supposed to give up almost all profits on a book to be my own promoter? Yes, way back when, a writer was still supposed to do promotion, but nothing like nowdays.


I’ve stopped reading writing blogs right now, as it’s too depressing to think I might be a good writer but I won’t get picked up because I simply don’t have the physical energy to keep up with those writers who can both write AND promote like crazy. For me, it’s either one or the other, not both.

Any other writers that have illnesses like this? Anyone know of an author that has made it who does?

I’m off to get a few words of writing in. Starting the weekend off at 21057.