On day 11 at about 10pm, I reached 50033 words. The writing didn’t stop however! Before midnight, the count had grown to 51661. The novel “The Phoenix Eggs” is really shaping up. The climax is within sight and the characters are finding themselves in rather a big pickle.

Perfect! (not for the characters, but you know what I mean)

JulNoWriMo has been a lot of fun. They doubled their participation numbers compared to last year and there are already 10 winners (I was the 11th). Also, quite a few writers from Forward Motion are also participating. We’ve been encouraging each other in the FM chat most nights, helping all of us do a little better than we would have if alone.

I’ll definitely be able to finish the book this month. As if knowing the time for the November Nano is approaching, my muse has thrown several ideas at me about the other books I’ll be writing. The idea folder just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Back to the words!

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