NaNoEdMo 2009 Update

Nanoedmo is going okay. Not great, but okay. I’m doing well with the numbers. Out of 50 hours I’m standing at 40 hours last night. But it’s a good thing I did so much earlier in the week, as this last week has been horrendous. For 5 days, no editing at all. The only creativity has consisted of doing a little sketching during my lunch times for the proposed book cover. At least THAT has gone well.

What has been wrong? Going over 2 weeks of being sick. Basically I developed a severe sinus infection. Then I had a reaction to the antibiotic. Can we say not fun?

Add in a huge set-back at work and it all equaled a rather bad March.

But as of last night, after having forced myself to slog through a difficult portion of the editing, I’m hoping to be back on track. The novel sits at having 19 out of 25 chapters edited. We’re closing in on the end! The question is, is what is left in March enough to finish those final chapters when the last two also need to be rewritten.

We’ll see!