Yet Another Book?

Oh yeah!

Have to keep the Muse happy while the Internal Editor is happily slaving away at novel revisions.They seem to get jealous of each other if one gets to play and the other doesn't. 😉

Here is the concept of the 2 Year Novel (I don't think it'll take that long to finish. I'm guessing September to November the first draft will be finished.):

For a teen with red and purple hair and an opinion on just about everything, her Grandmothers constant admonition to “Always wear the red hood and cape I made you while in the forest” rankled. However, when a chance came to get out of a claustrophobic city and out into the forest of giant trees, she took it. Unfortunately, secrets, a possible planetary conspiracy, moving trees and other mysteries awaited her at Grandmothers house. And just where was Grandma, anyway?

Still no title 🙁

In other news, Mother Hen cut my hair. A full 8 inches! Wow, does my head feel lighter. Maybe this will help with the headaches. Thick hair and long hair just don't mix!

Revision and Brainstorming

Having so many days off of work over the holidays and new years did wonders for the big line-by-line revision of “The String Weavers”. 184 printed pages (Note to self for next time: Print out with a little more space between lines next time), 90k words, and as of Saturday at 2pm, it was finished! Of course, now comes the hard work of typing it all in, along with all the small changes that happen during that process, but the BIG decisions have been made!

And other than it was tough work to get through so much in such a limited amount of time, I enjoyed reading through it. I think the story is solid.

To add to the insanity, I’m also now participating in Forward Motion Writers free “2 Year Novel” course. Why? To help prod me into developing this idea I’ve had floating around in my head for a few years about a science fiction version of Little Red Riding Hood. So far so good. The first course started this weekend, and already I have a basic premise that has inspired worldbuilding. No title yet. I’m hoping one will occur to me soon, so I know what to name the folder I’m keeping all the notes in.

As I already know I’ll be working on a lot of Revision in the next few months, which will please the Internal Editor to no end, I thought the Muse might like to have something SHE can play in. Have to keep both the children happy! 😀

PS: If anyone out there wants to join in the 2 Year Novel Course, there’s still time. As of this morning, Zette was still adding participants. For a description of the course, which takes you from a hazy idea to writing to submitting, click here.