Nano 2008 Is Over!

Wow, the first posting since Nano started. That's kinda sad. The good news is that my silence meant I was writing like crazy!

NaNoWriMo 2008 Grand Total: 150,408

Three rough drafts finished, one of which needs serious work. But hey, that's what editing is for! Considering the fatigue hit hard in the middle of November, I'm just absolutely thrilled that I was able to make the word count that I did.

However, I do believe this is my limit. Next year I think I'll aim a little lower than that, as this year it was a real struggle.

Now the Nano blues have hit. It feels so strange to have an evening where you can pick and choose what to do. Or you can pick doing nothing! What a novel idea. hehehehehe….

Anyway, as a winner I get to have 1 copy of my book printed up and sent to me for free, so long as I submit for it before May 31. Sounds like a good goal to me! So, I'm now in the process of printing out the first book, "The String Weavers", and attacking it with the mighty red pen!

Watch out, the Internal Editor has awoken from its slumber and is ready to attack! (see, it's making the pages bleed. Okay, okay, it's just the red pen, but STILL)

I'm already through chapter 3, and there is definitely work to do. But I'm also finding some good stuff, plus some stuff I had forgotten was there but that the Muse decided should be. I'm making notes on those unexpected themes or backstory, and as the revision progresses I'll have to see which ones get to stay and expounded on, and which ones get cut.

After a month of madcap writing, it feels good to study and analyze something. Making plans on how to make it better.

I hope everyone else had a good November, whether they were Nanoing or not. 🙂