3 Days, 9 hours to Go!

This last Sunday was the Kick-Off party for our local region. We had a total of 10 people (including myself) show up, and we ended up having lots and lots of fun. We had our very first local young writer, two newbies, some who signed up last year but didn't get anything written (but are ready and rarin to go this year!), and some returning Wrimos. Caffeine-inspired hilarity then ensued!

The plotting has been going fantastic, even with the plot holes that have been discovered this last week. I can't imagine waiting until the day of, or the week before to plan out something to write. It seems to work fine for others, but that would stress me out to no end.

As it is, two outlines are done and ready to go! A third one will be worked on at nights, after work. I figure with the three outlines, I shouldn't run out of anything to write for this year.

Even better, I'm really excited to get going on the writing. The plot looks tight, there is plenty of great character development, drama and action. The characters are now haunting me, demanding I get busy. Tweaking the plots are barely keeping them in control.

The cheesecake has been bought and is now waiting in the freezer. Every 12,500 words (which would usually be a weeks worth if you were aiming for 50,000 for the month), and I get to have a piece. Last year I earned my first slice by the end of day three…

We shall see how fast I can hit it this year! I can hear the cheesecake calling out to me!