2 Books? Nope, not enough!

The classes for Holly Lisle's "How To Think Sideways2 Books? Nope, not enough!" writing course continue, and with Lesson 10, I hit a Eureka! moment with the second book I'm plotting for this years NanoWriMo. Oh, what a relief! I was beginning to wonder if the story would ever come together.

Not only has it come together, but it surpassed my expectations. It looks to be an emotional roller coaster (in a good way) with some funny bits in the midst. Then, I was so much on a roll, I proceeded to the next book after that in the series and plotted that one!

Yes, I'm nuts!

I now have 3 books plotted out for Nano 2008! I think the worry of having enough to write this year has officially been tossed out the window!

Biggest surprise: A minor character in Book 2 decided she shouldn't be that minor. Whew. Talk about having to do a little re-plotting!

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2 Books? Nope, not enough!

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