Lost in Denali

ABC News. Good news: the hikers who were lost in the Denali National Park and Reserve for days were found safe and sound. Bad news… some of the comments…

Comment left after the story:


“How come that park doesn’t have fence or any kind of sign to make sure that people dont go beyond the park . I made this statement because, article said, they were outside the park when they found.”

For perspective, let’s revisit a really old joke concerning Alaska in general:

One day a Texan was complaining about Alaska being admitted into the Union because now Texas was no longer the biggest state. Only this time an Alaskan was listening to his whining.

So the Alaskan shrugged and said to the Texan, “Well, I guess we could divide Alaska into two. Oh wait, that would mean Texas would be the THIRD biggest state.”

Now, let’s do a little comparison, shall we? Pay attention class!

Denali National Park and Preserve:
Said to be above 6,000,000 acres and “over 9,419 square miles in size”. (National Park Service)

States (approximate land area. Does not include water area):
Rhode Island: 1,045 sq. mi.
Delaware: 1,954 sq. mi.
Connecticut: 4,845 sq. mi.
Hawaii: 6,423 sq. mi.
New Jersey: 7418 sq. mi.
Massachusetts: 7,840 sq. mi.
New Hampshire: 8969 sq. mi.
Vermont: 9250 sq. mi.


So, a fence through rugged wild Alaskan terrain around an area larger than several states. Oh yeah, that makes sense. And who would pay for that? Who would DO it??? I can just hear the mosquito’s warming up their wings in gleeful anticipation for the feast accompanying the incoming construction crews. We won’t even mention the nightmare of keeping something that long maintained.

That comment just tickled my funny bone. At least this was better than a comment about what were these women doing hiking around in such a wild place “in another country”! I have stories around that idea. Really, really sad true stories.

Sources: http://www.nps.gov/dena/ and http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0108355.html and http://www.nationalatlas.gov/articles/mapping/a_general.html

The Webcomic

Writing on the novel has been slowed because of another project. Specifically the Webcomic. In May I realized that there was no way I could keep up the pace with how my arm has been, but I still want to tell the story. Rather strangely, typing is easier on my arm than drawing is. No, I can't figure that out, either. So, I stopped and looked at both the art and writing, and then looked into alternatives.

The result is a hybrid of comic and novel , basically an “illustrated story”  or “illustrated novel” (think more “Prince Valiant”).

The Pluses:

1. Since typing is easier, this storytelling format is relying more on that and a little less on the art.

2. A lot of traditional comic-telling is spent on 'between' shots leading one big climax, image, or scene to the next, all while trying to make those 'between' shots the best you can. By going this route I save my arm for the images that mean more and are the most important by dropping the 'betweens'.

3. I can keep the color! Going black and white just wasn't an option as I love color. 🙂

4. The story can be told a little faster (trust me, there is enough to keep going for quite a while!)

So begins a restart.

The script is now being rewritten it in a novel format. That, in itself, has been an interesting experience. 🙂  I've rewritten the entire first chapter, which is now being edited, and the next few pages have been laid out along with really simple idea sketches for the graphics. Since I'm relaunching anyway, I'm also redesigning a few things. Not the characters, but specifically the house. I'd never been completely happy with the design, so I'm taking the time to make it look more like I want.

The php script I had been using to post the comic and create an automatic archive was rather old and not being supported or upgraded any longer, so I switched to WordPress with the Comicpress theme. It wasn't what I wanted to use, but there aren't that many comic scripts being actively worked on nowadays, and I wanted something that is in active development.

So, the site now has a new look (constantly being tweaked), and as of June 10th a new page in the new style went live.

New site is at: http://www.dreamerscovestudio.com/comic/

The old site with the old archive is still active and can be found at: http://www.dreamerscovestudio.com/comic-old/