The Writing Continues!

I won Script Frenzy, and through the process discovered I don't like writing in the script format. Even when I'm writing the 'scripts' for my webcomic, it really is just a variation on an outline/regular writing form. I definitely feel more comfortable with it. At this point I'm really not sure if I'll do Script Frenzy again.

Since Nanowrimo, I have kept writing, although it has mostly been on fanfiction. A kernel of an idea for a new sci-fi book has raised it's head and I'm writing down notes in hopes I can flush it out in time for Nanowrimo 2008.

Meanwhile, “The String Weavers” has told me it's waited long enough now, and it's time for the big rewrite! I've gone through the first draft and divided it up into chapters to help bring it down to bite-sized pieces. For anyone curious, it turned out to be 26 chapters (that's sure to change) and approximately 90,000 words once I pared out a few parts I knew I didn't want to remain.

It's been a long time since I've revised a work even close to this size, so the idea is a little daunting. It's sure to be a learning experience. To help me along, I'm going to try out the revising technique shows in Holly Lisle's Create A Plot Clinic ebook. It helped me when I was plotting out and then actually writing the first draft. Now we'll see how well the ideas in it for the rewrite work. 🙂

Work on the next page of the Webcomic is going very slow. It's more comfortable for me to type than it is to draw. We'll see if I get it up on time. I'm trying, but I'm not going to hurt myself doing it.

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The Writing Continues!

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