Life Goes On

The new job is still going great, and it's absolutely wonderful to be working with people who have respect for each other, know how to work as a team, and like to laugh. I love laughing. I love liking going to working the morning. I love feeling respected and valuable.

The arm is healing but I'm still limited on how much I can work the arm. The change in insurance really messed up having physical therapy, as I can't afford to pay for it myself right now. So, I just need to be careful until this fall when the insurance lifts their restraint on paying for anything to do with the arm

Not much art going on, as I've been mostly writing, but every so often a new sketch slips out. Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to color one of them and put it up. In the meantime, I did find another older painting to post on both Gallery and Deviant Art.

As for writing, I'm participating in Script Frenzy, working on a fanfic piece instead of an original piece. But at least I'm writing! 🙂