Life Update

MRI and X-Ray came back normal on the neck and shoulder (not sure this is a good thing). Diagnosis of arm: overuse. Recommended therapy: Physical therapy.

What this told me was that I couldn't go back to a job of heavy data entry, which meant I was pretty much out of a job. Fortunately another company called from one of  my dropped off resumes, and I'm now working in a new company. And the new job has been great! I'm working with really nice people, they appreciate my problem solving and organizational skills. It feels wonderful to look forward to going to work! Even better, I'm now working close to home, which is a huge bonus with the rising costs of fuel.

But Real Life ™ is continuing: The revenue from Ebay has now stopped (thanks a lot for all the 'positive' changes Greed-bay). A favorite Aunt passed away last Sunday. This week we found out Grandma in Alaska has cancer. A workmate is in the hospital with possible problems with the heart. Father is having some mysterious health problems.

Arm news: The arm is healing very nicely, but because I started a new job which uses a different insurance, I'm not sure what that means for the physical therapy. I haven't started yet, and I'm not sure if the new insurance will pay for it. So, in the meantime, I'm doing stretching exercises by myself.
During February, no new Webcomic pages were done. My arm just didn't feel up to it. While I do feel I can slowly start doing the art I once did, I don't want to inhibit (or re-injure) the healing of my arm. So, I am cutting down the Webcomic to 1 new page a month for the next few months. After a few months, I will take stock of how the arm has been doing and possibly alter that decision.

To end this positive, a new webcomic page will be up the morning of the March 10th. Whee!