Can we move on to 2009 now?

Let's just say that 2008 has started out on a really sour note.

The business computer goes down. Then the van breaks down. New health problems. I try to change my job and it turns out so rotten that I'm almost sure I'm out of a job now (long story). The transfer into a new job resulted in my right arm being hurt (the same arm had been hurt in an auto accident several years ago), which of course, directly interferes with my art projects.

So, I've had to make some hard decisions.

First, I'm on the look-out for a new job, which is hard around this area. Who knows how long it will take.

Second, I'm having to focus on the priorities and right now the comic isn't one of them. I have to give my arm time to heal, and that means almost no art at all. So, from now until March I'm cutting back to 1 new page a month, and HOPE I can do that much. I'm hoping by March I'll be healed (or as much as it can be).

Bring on the pain pills and anti-depressants!  😉