We Did It!

Words Written November:
25: 1621
26: 672
27: 2145
28: 4050
29: 2005
30: 2362

Grand Total: 116973 – WINNER!!!

Mother Hen Words Written November:

25: 0
26: 2754
27: 3106
28: 1086

Grand Total: 51760 – WINNER!!!

Horrah, 2 winners in the household, and both well before the November 30th deadline! A little late tonight to dive into the cheesecake, but believe me, it will be attacked tomorrow! I'll be printing out the winner certificate for both of us really soon so we can proudly display them! As if in celebration, we are getting slammed with wind and rain, the first real moisture I can recall all month. 😉

I can't believe the month is over, it just flew by. I don't want it to end! :sniff:

Although to be honest, there are a lot of things that have been put to the side for the month of November that now need some serious attention. However, they must wait until I've rid myself of this horrible cold that settled in on Tuesday and made me miss work from Wednesday through Friday. This has been one of those weird colds that give you insomnia (which I pretty much never get). In the past 72 hours I think I've slept a total of 8 hours between the snatches of naps. I just KNOW that if I can get a little sleep I'll start getting better! 🙂  Good thing I finished my Nano novel so soon, with this cold my head has not been able to think at all. Now, to keep Mother Hen from catching it.

To everyone else, whether you wrote 1 word or 100,000, big congrats! We did it!

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We Did It!

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