6208 wordcount widgets

Words Written November 10th: 5021
Total so far: 53681
Words Remaining: NONE!!!!

Mother Hen: 1847 Words
Mother Hen Total: 18171

Woohoo! I made the 50,000! This is better than a sugar high!

Note to self for next year: plan out at least 2 novels! 😀

And here I was worried about being able to write 50,000 words in one month. Overall I would say my first year NaNoWriMo was a resounding success.

The writing continues, however, on the second book in the series. Might as well continue with these characters now that I know them. I don't have as much plotting done on the second book so the writing will go a little slower. It'll be interesting to see how much I'll be able to get done on it. There is also the chance book 2 will be combined with book one. The characters keep telling me that, but I'll have to find that out myself as the writing progresses. 😉

Mother Hen keeps plugging away. She's a little ahead on her word count, which is a good thing since she's going on a day trip to the Grand Canyon tomorrow and so won't be able to write much.

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