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Words Written November 4th: 7003
Total so far: 22763
Words Remaining: 27237

Yeash, I'll be half way there by tomorrow night! How did this happen? The only thing I can think of was the planning I did ahead of time. It's been in interesting to see how some of the scenes have changed course, or taken little jogs out in other directions, but over-all I'm right on track for the big ending! Even better, some of the characters have really come along and they are writing some of the scenes themselves. I'm just an observer trying to keep up with them!

Writing can be so exhilarating sometimes! 🙂

In other news, today was our regions first write-in at a local Wi-Fi cafe. We had a good turnout, and some good word counts come out of it. The next one is Tuesday night, but I won't be making that. If all goes well I'll be at the one next Sunday, though.

Write! Write!

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