A Double Nano!

Lately I've been either working, sleeping or writing. Pretty much nothing else has been getting done. So let's get caught up:

Words Written November 14th: 2711 Words
15: 3208
16: 2354
17: 1747
18: 6139
19: 4640
20: 3214
21: 2257
22: 7652
23: 2110
24: 3881

Total: 104118

Mother Hen Words Written November 14: 1069 Words

15: 1937
16: 1334
17: 0
18: 3530
19: 2295
20: 1792
21: 263
22: 6430
23: 480
24: 2223

Total: 44296

Yay, an official double Nano!  Mother Hen is right on track for hitting 50,000 by the end of the month. She's already waaaaay ahead of the 25,000 she was originally aiming for.

Another plus: Book 2 (which will most likely be combined with book 1) is now finished as of tonight! It stands at 50,458 total.

Tomorrow is the last write-in of this NaNoWriMo that I will most likely attend, and I'm not sure what I'm going to write. Yep, gotta plan a lot more next year. So much for being worried about making 50,000 in the first place! 😉

Now to hope I don't catch either the bad cold that lingers for weeks, strep or stomach flu that has been making the rounds at work. I hate being sick!


6456 wordcount widgets

Words Written November 11th: 3231
Words Written November 12th: 3122
Words Written November 13th: 4171
Total so far: 64205
Words Remaining: NONE!!!!

Mother Hen Words Written November 11: 1832 Words
Mother Hen Words Written November 12: 430 Words
Mother Hen Words Written November 13: 2508 Words
Mother Hen Total: 22941

Wow, has it really been 3 days since I've posted? Bad bad bad!

On the plus side, not only have I nailed 60,000 words, but I winged right on past it! I've been having some really tired days, which is why the word count dropped below 4000 words a day. I'm still happy with the characters and the way the story has been going. Today I was enjoying writing a scene from the point of view of a character that doesn't have all their marbles. Quite fun! 🙂

Mother Hen keeps puttering along. Some days are better than others. Today she was giggling to herself while writing a funny scene, so she's in a really good mood. 🙂  If all goes well, she'll be right where she needs to be by November 15th. Rah Mother Hen!

Now to go to bed and get some sleep. Tomorrow: dentist appointment. Bleah!


6208 wordcount widgets

Words Written November 10th: 5021
Total so far: 53681
Words Remaining: NONE!!!!

Mother Hen: 1847 Words
Mother Hen Total: 18171

Woohoo! I made the 50,000! This is better than a sugar high!

Note to self for next year: plan out at least 2 novels! 😀

And here I was worried about being able to write 50,000 words in one month. Overall I would say my first year NaNoWriMo was a resounding success.

The writing continues, however, on the second book in the series. Might as well continue with these characters now that I know them. I don't have as much plotting done on the second book so the writing will go a little slower. It'll be interesting to see how much I'll be able to get done on it. There is also the chance book 2 will be combined with book one. The characters keep telling me that, but I'll have to find that out myself as the writing progresses. 😉

Mother Hen keeps plugging away. She's a little ahead on her word count, which is a good thing since she's going on a day trip to the Grand Canyon tomorrow and so won't be able to write much.


6105 wordcount widgets

Words Written November 9th: 5909
Total so far: 48660
Words Remaining: 1340

Mother Hen: 2580 Words
Mother Hen Total: 16324

Gee, I think I'm going to make it! 😉

I would finish it tonight, but I'm really dragging and I want to enjoy this. So to bed I go to start again tomorrow!

Am I going to stop writing tomorrow? Nope! I have the next book already partially plotted out. This weekend, that planning comes out and I'll see about getting it in shape so I can keep plugging along! We don't stop until November 30th! Horrah!

And  big Horrah to Mother Hen for keeping at it! 🙂

November 8th & 9th

November 8th & 9th wordcount widgets

Yes, missed another day. I've been really tired the past couple days, so any energy I had was used for writing.

Words Written November 7th: 5242
Mother Hen: 2506 Words

Words Written November 8th: 5063
Total so far: 42751
Words Remaining: 7249
Mother Hen: 2681 Words

Day 8 was a toughy. I knew exactly where I was going, the characters were really alive, and yet every single word was a struggle. I think my fatigue was really working on me.

This morning was a little better. Tonight I'm really tired again though, so it'll be interesting to see how I do. Thank goodness it's Friday! Whee! 🙂

Monday and Tuesday were really hard on Mother Hen and her health problems those days had her really down. So much so that she was wanting to give up. Fortunately she has rebounded, in part thanks to some really good sleep and shaking whatever was in her lungs. As of Thursday night she had caught up with herself, and now she actually has a few words extra. Way to go Mother Hen! Rah!