Naming Dillema

Another week of plot-planning, and another weekend of fixing problems. What problems? Glad you asked!

As the plot planning progressed, Megan Hale's personality was becoming more and more defined and refined by her deeds, actions and reactions, not to mention the inter-relationships she was have with various characters.

Around Wednesday I became suspicious that the main heroine's name wasn't quite right. By Thursday the feeling was even stronger. Megan was just too soft of a name for this heroine. By Friday morning, I knew the worst: the name had to change.

This was rather depressing. The time it takes to find a name for a main character is usually very time-consuming. Rarely does it come fast and easy. It took almost 2 days of research to come up with the name of Megan.

So, instead of continuing on the plot-planning, Friday night and most of Saturday were spent going back to the research, hoping to find a new name. Gobs of baby-naming websites, looking at books and articles on character naming (which only gave me advice I already knew), and lists and lists of potential names.

Then one jumped out, and even though I continued making lists of potential names, this one kept rising to the top…

So, goodbye Megan Hale!

Hello Kelsey Hale! Nice to know you! Welcome aboard! Have a look at the plot…

…Why do I get the feeling Kelsey might not be so glad to be on board after reading it? 😉

Hours spent in researching names: 10-12 estimated
Word count (actual writing on the plot, mostly accomplished Saturday night): 4,200 Words

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Naming Dillema

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