3 Hours Till Midnight

Last night was our region kick-off party. This is the first year this area has had its own region. Typically we've been lumped in with the rest of Arizona as “Elsewhere”. I was hoping for maybe 7-8 people. Nope, that was wrong, by a long shot! People just kept filtering in! By the time the meeting really got going we had a total of 15 people! WOW! 

We have a really diverse group in terms of ages, occupations, interests, writing genres and gender. There seemed to be quite a few of us that had really good sense of humors. I think it'll make for a really fun group. We already have 2 scheduled write-ins, one on Sunday, another Tuesday night. I'll be going to the Sunday one, but Tuesday probably won't happen. I'm heading for the dentist on Tuesday, and I don't think I'll feel like going out of the house again once I get home.

Tonight I almost pulled out the plot outline to read it through one last time to see how it looked. Then I thought better of it. I did a lot of good work on it, and put it away on October 16th. I'm going to trust myself that it's still good, and come tomorrow I'll be looking at it with fresh eyes *AS* I'm actually writing on the novel.

Am I waiting up till Midnight to type my first words? Afraid not. This is a work night, and I already have to be up around 4:30 AM in order to get to work on time. I already suffer from exhaustion, I don't need to be trying to go to a full days work on a few hours nap. 😉

But come 4:30, you better believe I'll be getting ready as quickly as I can so I can get in a few hundred words before work!

Which brings this to mind:

For those of you looking for the 2007 NaNoWriMo tracking spreadsheet, I finally found it. This is a direct link to where the spreadsheets can be downloaded: http://nanowrimo.nidonocu.com/

I tried the simpler XLS version and it opened fine in Office 2001 and Office/Excel X in a Mac OS 10.4.10.


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3 Hours Till Midnight

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